Storage and Warehousing services


Storage and warehousing services are among the most important logistical operations, as they are parallel to the production process or the shipping process in terms of importance, and customs clearance is one of the most important foundations of its operations.


Storage services are a necessary requirement in many cases, such as many export operations, especially before packing goods inside containers, as well as the case in many import and customs clearance operations, as there is an urgent need to store goods in designated places to ensure their safety and preservation until the time of their transport to their final destination.


Storage and warehouse services are defined as the process of preserving goods and commodities in designated, safe, and equipped spaces or places known as Store or warehouses, and preservation is temporary until use or transport in the future, and for the safety and preservation of goods intact, the importance of choosing high-quality storage services and warehouses to store goods in them appears, The quality of warehouses and stores is measured by their availability on some criteria such as the standard of cleanliness, safety, arrangement, and objective division within them, the extent of experience and professionalism of the workers and officials in them, in addition to the devices and equipment that the store is equipped with, and the extent of the development of the techniques used. Taking consideration of the standards of space, control, temperature control, and the effectiveness of the ventilation system, in addition to the method of managing and coordinating the appropriate storage of the items and goods therein.


Several advantages are available at “ Navmarine Shipping and Logistics Services “ as one of the main organizers and followers to audit the shipping process of all kinds, air, sea, and land, as well as multimodal and necessarily storage services as support and facilitated service for customs clearance work through its wide network of relations, which qualifies it to be Among the best companies in this field.


Storage and warehouse services

The process of Storage services in warehouses or stores goes through several procedures:

  • The first step is to display the goods to the incoming goods or shipments section, where they are received - of course, it is preferred to have prior knowledge of the quality, sizes, and nature of the incoming goods - to prepare the special and suitable places for them.
  • The goods are checked immediately after receiving them and the creation of a comprehensive report describing their condition and safety, as the report contains quantities and a description of the intact, damaged, and lost goods - if any - clearly.
  • The owner of the goods is notified of the content of the report as an essential part of the audit process.
  • The goods are classified and sorted afterward to be placed in the appropriate and designated storage areas.
  • After that, the process of coding the goods begins. The aim of coding is to avoid mixing with other goods that may be present in the warehouse.


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