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Projects transportation usually dedicated to transporting and storing project cargo, such as transformers, turbines, windmill equipment, such as towers, blocks, blades, tunnel boring machines, locomotives, disassembled cranes, and motors up to 208 tons per weight ... etc. In a good location, all for good, specific rates and adequate service.


The transfer of projects, along with some heavy sizes, often contains lots of boxes of different types, dimensions, and sizes to package the smaller pieces so that they are completely safe from any potential damage during transportation, and this is a specialized work performed by teams fully trained on such tasks.


  • Saving on shipping time is our mission as we deal with local and international agencies and partners to save time, effort, and speed of performance through carefully selected sites and track Paths to move projects quickly and safely.


  • Cargo transportation for megaprojects requires the use of heavy cranes in addition to high-speed multi-purpose coastal cranes and a special high-speed transport system, the shipping time can be increased so that it reaches high proportions through studies and analyses for the transportation project through highly experienced project managers in choosing the most appropriate methods and mechanisms. To handle the transportation process, as not all terminals and ports are ready to receive huge volumes and weights of cargos


  • We have the flexibility in maritime transport to handle heavy and bulky cargo via FOB.


  • Our company " Navmarine Shipping and Logistic services " can transfer and deliver projects that take the form of special project works, which require containers or vehicles and transport operations of a special type, such as moving factories, exhibitions, or the supply of contracting or cars.


  • Navmarine Shipping and Logistic Services “ has flexibility in dealing with shipping companies and our partners across countries in the field of shipping projects, especially in the Arab Gulf region, the Middle East, and East Asia. We can also rely on the extent of our transparency in dealing and confidential handling of shipping details or shipping documents of the customer.


  • We have the capacity to handle 208 ton and 144-ton heavy-lift mobile port cranes as well as the capacity to handle the 216-ton double winch which is ideal for fast and precise handling of heavy cargo types such as dismantled oil and gas facilities, dismantled mobile port cranes, generators, Diesel engines, yachts, locomotives, workboats, cable reels, mining shields, steel piles, buoys, moorings, excavators, shovels, autoclaves, a marine bearing arms, tensioners and many more with a maximum unit weight of 208 tons.


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