Multimodal shipping


For most countries, the transport sector constitutes a central element in achieving its main objectives related to accelerating economic growth through the movement of import and export, in addition to the internal transport movement, which plays an important role in the movement of economic growth, which leads to the creation of new job opportunities that contribute to reducing unemployment, It is also an essential element for achieving regional integration and improving the quality of life in the region.


Multimodal transport is defined as the transportation of goods using several different means of transport under one document under which the transport operator bears his full responsibility.


The international multimodal transport system is represented in the existence of an international transport contract between at least two different countries and that it is a contract for the transport of people’s goods and is carried out by at least two different modes of transport (land - sea - air - railways - waterways), and it is done according to a single transport contract that governs the journey. The entire shipper and the multimodal transport operator.


The development of multimodal transport is represented in increasing the volume of trade between countries and encouraging economic integration to create demand for multimodal transport. It is noticed that the relationship between economic and trade integration between countries and the development of multimodal transport is a reciprocal relationship. The development of multimodal transport provides opportunities for the development of economic integration and trade, and the development of economic and trade integration leads to the need to develop multi-modal transport.


Here, “ Navmarine Shipping and Logistics Services “ is one of the most prominent basic and regulated companies for multimodal freight services to customers from the beginning of their purchase decision to delivery, as we work with the best land, sea and air transport agencies as well as railways, and we offer the best appropriate prices for a fast and reliable service that meets the needs of Dear Customers.


Navmarine Shipping and Logistics Services , which is one of the best shipping companies in Istanbul , Turkey , provides through its offices, which has membership in the two international organizations ( c5c / freightnet ), multimodal shipping services to and from all countries.


Navmarine Multimodal Shipping Services :

  • We process the necessary documents from customs and permits for import and export in Istanbul
  • We choose the appropriate transport companies to ship the goods in the least amount of time and the lowest possible costs
  • We provide insurance service for shipments originating from Turkey , according to the customer's request
  • We provide excellent multi-modal shipping solutions from Istanbul and Turkey to most countries and vice versa
  • We have all kinds of packaging service
  • We have warehouses through which we provide the best storage and collection services for purchases , and we also prepare the necessary documents for them to start the shipping process to the customer's country



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