Land Freight


The importance of Land freight is highlighted in Turkey , as it is the second most important shipping method after sea freight , and Turkey is considered by its vital geographical location a link between the continents of the world , Turkey is considered a pioneer in logistical equipment specialized in road transport of all kinds.


Land freight is the most important transport between neighboring countries and within the country itself, as it is the fastest transportation in large shipments of large weights.


Here, ” Navmarine Shipping and Logistics Services “ is highlighted as one of the most prominent basic and organized companies for land freight services to customers from the beginning of their purchase decision to delivery, as we work with the best land transport agencies, and we provide the best prices for a fast and reliable service that meets the needs of our valued customers.


Navmarine Shipping and Logistics Services , which is one of the best shipping companies in Istanbul , Turkey , through its offices, which has membership in the two international organizations ( c5c /  freightnet ), provides land freight services to and from all cities through the multi-modal transport feature.


Land freight services at Navmarine :

  • We process the necessary documents from customs and permits to import and export in Istanbul.
  • We also have all kinds of packaging service.
  • We choose the appropriate road transport companies to transport goods in the least amount of time and the lowest possible costs.
  • We provide insurance service on land shipments issued from Turkey, according to the customer’s request.
  • We provide distinguished land freight solutions from Istanbul and Turkey to most of the neighboring countries such as Iran, Iraq, and Syria
  • We also provide excellent road freight solutions from Istanbul and Turkey to Bulgaria, Greece, Austria, Romania, Serbia, and most European countries and vice versa.
  • We have warehouses through which we provide the best storage services and collect purchases. We also prepare the necessary documents for them to start the shipping process to the customer’s country.


Truck types:

  • Heavy Transport Trucks
  • Refrigerated trucks
  • 12m long roof trucks
  • Loader trucks
  • Small and large Communes
  • Car carrying trucks



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