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The importance of air freight in Turkey is highlighted in the short arrival time, as the service is effective for various quantities and sizes and at relatively appropriate costs on a global level, and Turkey has equipped all airports with modern shipping systems and advanced technologies that have greatly helped in the growth of this sector in recent years,


Here, “ Navmarine Shipping & Logistics Services “ is one of the most prominent basic and regulated companies for air freight services to customers from the beginning of their purchase decision to delivery at the airport or at the customer’s premises.


Navmarine Shipping & Logistics Services “, which is one of the best shipping companies in Istanbul Turkey, through its offices in Istanbul Turkey , which has membership in the two international organizations ( c5c / freightnet ), provides air freight services to and from all international airports around the world.


Navmarine Air Cargo Services:

  • We provide logistical solutions in Istanbul , Turkey , and the world
  • Airfreight service from door to door , and from door to the airport
  • Shipping service from the airport to the airport and from the airport to the door
  • Customs clearance service at the airport
  • Scheduled flights from most airports in Turkey to all airports and cities in the world designated for shipping that suit your desires
  • We provide refrigerated air freight services
  • We process the necessary documents from customs and permits to import and export in Istanbul
  • We also have all kinds of packaging service
  • We select the appropriate airlines to ship goods in the least amount of time and the lowest possible costs
  • We provide insurance service on air shipments out of Turkey , according to the customer’s request
  • We provide distinguished air freight solutions from Istanbul and Turkey to most Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia , Qatar , Dubai , and the United Arab Emirates , Kuwait , Bahrain , Oman , in addition to cities and capitals of the Middle East countries and worldwide
  • We also provide excellent air freight solutions from Istanbul and Turkey to Britain , the Netherlands , Germany , Norway , Sweden , Denmark , Austria , and various European countries and vice versa
  • We also provide the best logistics services in air freight from Arab countries and the Arab Gulf states and all over the world to Istanbul and Turkey within quality , speed , and competitive prices
  • We have warehouses which we provide the best storage services and collect purchases , and we also prepare the necessary documents for them to start the shipping process to the customer’s country in various countries of the world


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