Navmarine owns a fleet of several ships, which is the advantage that gives it the preference to enter into suitable projects with its size, and through its wide relationships with most agents around the world, it can provide appropriate solutions to its customers, as we have several services, for example, Ship management, ship charter, and logistical support services, read more


Navmarine is considered one of the best shipping companies in Turkey Istanbul. We provide air freight services to & from all airports around the world. Our flights are scheduled. Our services are multiple and include Document processing, Customs clearance at the airport, Packaging & Packing of all kinds, and we have a Storage service. We also provide refrigerated air freight services, read more


Navmarine, as one of the best sea shipping companies in Turkey, Istanbul, provides its services to & from all seaports around the world, whether the shipment is a full (FCL) or Parcial (LCL) container, refrigerant or dry, from door to door or from Port to port, or comprehensive customs clearance procedures and issuance of the required certificates, read more
شركات شحن جوي في تركيا اسطنبول


Navmarine is one of the best land freight companies in Turkey, Istanbul. We provide our services to & from all cities in Turkey and abroad. We work with the best land transport agencies. Our services and prices are competitive. Our services are multiple, e.g. Document processing, Customs clearance, Packaging, Storage,  Insurance services for land shipments issued from Turkey, read more



In the area of International maritime freight forwarding; Navmarine, with its wide agency network spread over about 140 countries and its experienced and dynamic team, provides complete (FCL) and partial (LCL) container transportation services to and from all the seaports


Navmarine, with the project teams that are coordinated centrally and deployed at every logistic center, can provide flexible package solutions based on the needs of all its business and logistics solution partners through combined transportation services that use more than one type.


Working with the best Land Transportation agencies in Turkey, Providing best rates and fast service which meet the demand of our valuable customers.


Navmarine can undertake on a turn-key basis the works of its business and logistics solution partners that are in the form of special project works. The works requiring special-type containers, special-type vehicles, and special-type transportations, such as factory transports, and cars.


In the area of international air freight forwarding; Navmarine, with its wide agency network spread over about 140 countries and its experienced and dynamic team, provides air cargo transportation services to and from all the airports in the world.


Navmarine provides optimal stock management, zero stock error, no-damage, handling, and distribution services to its business and logistics solution partners through self-owned or partner warehouses and storehouses



Multimodal transport is defined as the transportation of goods using several different means of transport under one document under which the transport operator bears his full responsibility.

Here, “ Navmarine Shipping and Logistics Services “ is one of the most prominent basic and regulated companies for multimodal freight services to customers from the beginning of their purchase decision to delivery, as we work with the best land, sea, and air transport agencies as well as railways, and we offer the best appropriate prices for a fast and reliable service that meets the needs of Dear Customers. Read more

شركات ملاك السفن الشحن شحن البري البحري الجوي متعدد الوسائط الحاويات حاوية جزئي الجزئي اسطنبول تركيا النقل التخليص الجمركي الخدمات اللوجستية


Navmarine Shipping and Logistic Services “ has flexibility in dealing with shipping companies and our partners across countries in the field of shipping projects, especially in the Arab Gulf region, the Middle East, and East Asia. We can also rely on the extent of our transparency in dealing and confidential handling of shipping details or shipping documents of the customer.

Our company can transfer and deliver projects that take the form of special project works, which require containers or vehicles and transport operations of a special type, such as moving factories, exhibitions, or the supply of contracting or cars. Read more


We and through our extensive and extended relationships through long experience that knows and realizes the importance and seriousness of Dangerous materials during transportation, have in "Navmarine" the ability and readiness to deal and transport shipments and dangerous materials under all circumstances, regardless of their danger, and their sizes to reach the destinations that are waiting for them safely and securely.

We do have our own methods of studies in-depth of the process of transporting these materials according to their type and dangerous conditions. We have full experience in that, which makes us able to enhance the feeling of complete safety with the customer. Read more



Several advantages are available at “Navmarine” as one of the main organizers and followers to audit the shipping process of all kinds, air, sea, and land, as well as multimodal and necessarily storage services as support and facilitated service for customs clearance work through its wide network of relations, which qualifies it to be Among the best companies in this field.

The process of Storage and Packaging services in warehouses or stores goes through several procedures which we have the suitable experience to do in a safe and professional way which let customers trust us. Read more

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Navmarine Denizcilik is a company established in 2018 in Istanbul, as an expansion of our roots in UAE offices which have more than 15 years of experience. Operating as Ship managers, Charterers and Freight Forwarders, our company has a worldwide network helping us provide our services to all our customers anywhere

We provide services in areas including FCL full container, LCL partial shipments, domestic transportation, chartering, transit trade transportation, and combined transportation. With the help of our wide agency network.

Our company aims at long-lived associations by seeing you, our valuable customers, as our business and logistics solution partners with an approach of unconditional customer satisfaction; at a position of not producing problems but solutions; making no concessions on codes of conduct; showing maximum care as well as providing correct and up-to-date information at every stage of transportation process with a boutique approaches.


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