Break Bulk Cargos


Navmarine Shipping & Logistics Services “ has a long experience in loading and unloading bulk, disassembled cargo, and projects. We have shipped many types of bulk and disassembled goods imaginable, such as pipes, adapters, turbines, and much more!


The biggest challenge when unloading bulk or disassembled cargo is that it requires more resources and coordination, "workers, loaders for loading and unloading, warehouses, specialized ships, transport vehicles, etc." For this reason, working with a logistic company with experience and high capacity makes a big difference in performance.


Types of breakbulk or disassembled goods usually shipped:

  • Goods packed in bags
  • Delicate goods tightly packed
  • Drums of all kinds
  • Corrugated and wooden boxes or containers
  • Pulleys and coils
  • Equipment, vehicles, and components
  • Steel beams and structural steel
  • Any long, heavy, or bulky cargo


Disassembled or bulk cargoes were considered the most common form of shipped goods throughout history, but since the late 1960s of the last century, dependence on the Breakbulk cargo has decreased significantly due to the growth of the containerized cargo system, and the reason is due to the fact that container transport in and out of the ship is more Efficiency and less cost than the transportation of Breakbulk and disassembled individual goods, this feature allowed to reduce the time ships spend in the ports as well as gave them better smoothness and more time in navigating at sea. Damage, theft, or being lost is one of the disadvantages of the disassembled loose or bulk cargo.


Loading and unloading bulk cargo depletes a lot of resources and labor; Generally, these goods are brought to the dock is adjacent to the ship, then each of the elements is lifted up separately on the deck of the ship, often lifting is done using the ship cranes themselves or the port winches on the dock, each item must be secured on the ship and stored in it separately Also.


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