Ship management


Specialized companies handle ship management operations. These companies manage ships owned by an independent owner or for other companies in return for their fees, and these amounts are agreed upon in advance between the two parties.


The procedures usually begin with the two parties signing a contract whereby the owner of its ship pledged to the ship management company for a specified period of time, which is called in the language of law a "fixed-term contract." He can contract with another company if he is not satisfied with its performance in management, and the owner can also entrust his entire ship to the ship management company or be satisfied with some of the services provided by it.


Vessel Management Company Approval Method:

Managing a ship is not an easy process at all and it goes through several stages and tasks that must be carried out before, during, and after the operation. The first thing that the company needs is to obtain accreditation to assume its duties, and there are many necessary approvals that must be taken from the forums of the various classification bodies on the Internet in this regard; The company can manage different types of ships with different specializations, or it can specialize in one type, such as dealing with container ships only, for example.


We have a wide range of management solutions and services that we can offer you for ships of all types and departments, and our third-party management services include technical management, crew management, ship financial and accounting management, and collection services, we also provide expertise and assistance. Drydocking and construction supervision.


We at "Navmarine" have experience in ship management stemming from our long period of operation and management of commercial vessels. We strive to develop our services professionally and with high quality in the maritime field all over the world.


Services provided by our company in ship management:

  • Supervising the ongoing maintenance work onboard the ship, such as maintenance of machinery and equipment, repair work, and checking the readiness of the ship.
  • Provide adequate crew to guard the ship.
  • Make the necessary arrangements for loading and unloading the goods.
  • Negotiate contracts for refueling and lubricants.
  • Manage expenses on behalf of the owner.
  • Make arrangements for ship entry into P&I clubs·
  • Make arrangements for insurance contracts related to the ship.
  • The company deals with various claims, such as those related to insurance, rescue operations ... etc.
  • The ship management company’s services also include arranging for the provision of supplies to the ship’s crew.
  • A ship management company can charter the vessel on behalf of the owner.


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